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SENDAI -Towards a Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City

Copyrights, Links, and Exemption of Liability Policies

Copyrights etc.

For policies on the handling of personal information of this website please access the link below:
All information posted on this website (writings, photos, illustrations etc.) are subject to copyrights. Additionally, the entirety of this website is also subject to copyrights as a compilation and therefore protected by the copyright law.
Excluding “reproductions for personal use” and “citations” when permitted by the copyright law, the unauthorized replication or transfer of contents is prohibited. In the case that special provisions are given within pages of this website, priority should be given to the provisions (over the copyright law).


You are free to the link to the top page of this website. Please contact each respective section in charge for other page linking requests.
Please note that contents listed on this website may be subject to change or deletion without notice.
When using a link, please ensure that it is clearly indicated that the link is to this website. Additionally, we ask that links to this website are not linked via framing.
Be forewarned that if contents of a website where this website is linked violates any acts or public policy, we will ask for the link to be completely removed from the website.

Exemption of Liability

Although the City of Sendai strives for the most accurate and up-to-date information to be posted on this website, the City of Sendai shall assume no responsibility for any acts by users of listed information.
The City of Sendai shall also assume no responsibility for any damages or loss arising from your use of any information or service accessed through this website.
The City of Sendai shall assume no responsibility for any damages or loss arising from the use of other third-party managed websites not affiliated to the City of Sendai accessed through links to external web pages.
There may be links to websites managed by other parties not affiliated with the City of Sendai posted on this website. These links are posted for convenience of the citizens of Sendai and are in no way endorsed by the City of Sendai.


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