SENDAI -Towards a Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City


SENDAI -Towards a Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City

Outcome summary of the Sendai Symposium for Disaster Risk Reduction and the Future

January 9, 2020

The City of Sendai held the “Sendai Symposium for Disaster Risk Reduction and the Future – Handing on how we work on disaster risk reduction, to the world and the future" on November 10, 2019.

1. Time and Date:

November 10, 2019 (Sun.) 10:00 to 17:00

2. Venue:

Sendai International Center Exhibition Building

3. Organizer:

City of Sendai

4. Supporter:

Miyagi Prefectural Government, Tohoku University International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS)

5. Event Composition:

(1) Presentations: 10 groups
(2) Workshops: 7 groups
(3) Exhibition Booths and Poster Presentations: 53 groups
(4) Other Exhibitions: 7 groups
(5) Stage Programs: 3 groups

6. Admission Numbers

Approx. 3,700

7. Outcome Summary

We had a diverse range of visitors including foreigners and business persons due to the concurrent events “World BOSAI Forum” and “Earthquake Disaster Measures Technology Expo”.
Presentations were conducted on the topics of multi-cultural disaster risk reduction, evacuation plans for people with disabilities, and activities for passing down the experiences and lessons learned. Many visitors participated in inaugural out-of-venue hands-on workshops such as experiencing local evacuation drills.
Some exhibiters came from other disaster-affected areas like Otsuchi Town, Iwate, and Soja City, Okayama. Visitors listened attentively to their stories about reconstruction and disaster risk reduction.
Younger generations, from elementary school students to university students, participated in activities including designing cover art, presentations, and survival food workshops. Some students gave presentations about their thoughts on “Making a Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City towards the future” at the closing session.
This time, the symposium welcomed a record number of visitors and was highly regarded by experts of disaster risk reduction from overseas who commented “It’s great to have such a lot of women, children and young people in the BOSAI event.”

8. Images of the Symposium




Exhibition Booth

Stage Program


Hands-on Program

Closing Session

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