SENDAI -Towards a Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City


SENDAI -Towards a Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City

"Team Bousaisi" Power of youth who enjoy learning and passing on Disaster Risk Reduction

Members of "Team Bousaisi" in Tohoku Fukushi University Joint representatives: Mr. Niki Yoshinari
Ms. Reina Furukawa
Ms. Mayu Okada


▲Giving a lecture about first-aid treatment drills▲Giving a lecture about first-aid treatment drills

"Team Bousaisi" *1 in Tohoku Fukushi University is a group that consists of students who have acquired a "Bousaisi" qualifcation. While considering what the "power of youth" can contribute to the improvement of disaster prevention capability, this group, carries out diverse disaster risk reduction activities including holding skill up training such as the "Disaster Imagination Game" in cooperation with the Neighborhood Association *2, schools, businesses and disaster related organizations. They also provide assistance to local disaster drills, and spreading important information through Facebook or radio.


We experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake when we were junior high school students. At the time of the disaster, there was nothing we could do except wait to see how things would turn out. However, after entering university, we became interested in Team Bousaisi’s activities which help to improve local disaster prevention capabilities. Then, we wanted to participate in such activities, and decided to join this group.

At the joint disaster prevention drill, held in Sendai City in June this year, we helped out at the evacuation drill and "Disaster Prevention Lesson" which was targeted at 1st and 2nd graders of elementary school to learn in fun way through quizzes or games. We also acted as support at a "First Aid Treatment Drill" aimed at junior high school students and members of the Neighborhood Association.

Through our group's activities, we realized that it is necessary to devise how to communicate the importance of disaster risk reduction in an easy to understand manner to children. We also learned that regardless of age from children to the elderly, they all as members of the community need to help each other in times of disaster.

We would like to continue spreading information to individuals of every age group and carrying out disaster risk reduction activities by using our knowledge and experiences as "Bousaisi", and our flexible perspective as youth. We also wish to contribute to the improvement of local Disaster prevention capabilities after graduating from university.

*1 Bousaisi (Disaster Prevention Expert)
Bousaisi is a private qualification which is certified by the Japan Bousaisi Organization (NPO). It is expected for Bousaisi to engage in rescue activities and evacuation guidance when a disaster occurs.
*2 Neighborhood Association
Neighborhood Association is a Community organization which governed by community members. There are approximately 1,400 neighborhood associations in Sendai City. Their activities include holding disaster prevention drills, patrolling neighborhood, and cleaning parks.

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