SENDAI -Towards a Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City


SENDAI -Towards a Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City

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Lessons in “Communication”

Downtown message boardDowntown message board


Lessons in ‘Communication’ program presentationLessons in ‘Communication’ program presentation

With the fieldwork program, residents who participate in the program learn ways to convey and hand down their memories and experiences of the disaster through actual practice. In FY 2015, the following four programs were held: (1) Connecting the World Through Art, where participants discussed what kind of art projects could be held in the disaster areas on the road to recovery, (2) 3/11 Memory Tour, where participants took part in a walking tour of the Arahama district and held a slide show of the area, (3) Re: Project, which conveyed the memories of local communities affected by the disaster through storytelling by residents, and (4) Downtown Message Board, which collected messages of experiences from people affected by the disaster in the central Sendai area. The project started in August 2013 and a total of 1,671 persons had participated in this program by the end of December 2015.

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