SENDAI -Towards a Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City


SENDAI -Towards a Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City

Human Capacity Building

Promotion of Local Disaster Risk Reduction From a Gender Equality Perspective


Sendai Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction, ‘Shelters for Everyone’

Workshop on disaster risk reductionWorkshop on disaster risk reduction

The various problems women faced in evacuation centers at the time of the disaster were often due to the fact that few women were participating in the decision making process in regard to the operation of evacuation centers. Thus, in collaboration with residents, the Sendai Gender Equal Opportunity Foundation created a workshop program called “Shelters for Everyone” that incorporates diverse viewpoints in the operation of evacuation centers. This program has been used at follow-up training courses for the Sendai City Community Bosai Leaders (SBL), and is also run as workshops at shimin (civic) centers, adult education classes, and childcare support facilities. In the program, participants engage in discussions using actual problems that have occurred in evacuation centers, and by sharing diverse knowledge and viewpoints, participants can experience coming up with solutions that satisfy everyone.

“Decision-making and Taking Action ” ?Promotion of Women Leadership Program

In the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, there were many situations where women were unable to exercise their full leadership in the management of evacuation centers or the process of reconstruction.
Given that the fostering of female talent is vital to build disaster-resilient communities together, Sendai has been running a training program “Decision-making and Taking Action ” since 2016 which is intended for women who are involved in activities in their locality, such as community development.
The “Decision-making and Taking Action” program is included in the Sendai Framework Voluntary Commitments (SFVC) as one of voluntary commitments relating to the Sendai Framework.

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