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Human Capacity Building

Promotion of Sendai’s Disaster Prevention Education

Creating a disaster prevention mapCreating a disaster prevention map

In order to convey lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake to children in the present and future generations, Sendai has striven, since soon after the disaster, to nurture children’s capacity to think, judge, and act in times of disaster so that they will have the capacity to take action to help themselves and others.


Supplementary Reading Material for Disaster Prevention Education

Reading Material for Disaster Prevention EducationReading Material for Disaster Prevention Education

This reading material was created to raise children’s awareness about disaster prevention and disaster risk reduction and develop their ability to judge and act. The material contains stories of children who experienced the disaster as well as questions about what to do in an emergency that will lead children to develop their independence. It consists of three separate volumes, one for 1st to 3rd year elementary school students, one for 4th to 6th year elementary school students, and the third for junior high school students, so as to deepen their understanding according to their developmental stage.


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