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Urban Development

Evacuation Facilities

Tsunami evacuation tower at Nakano 5-chomeTsunami evacuation tower at Nakano 5-chome


Outdoor tsunami evacuation stairs at Okada Elementary SchoolOutdoor tsunami
evacuation stairs
at Okada Elementary

Sendai Tobu Road evacuation stairsSendai Tobu Road evacuation stairs

In areas which may be flooded by a tsunami, we are constructing 13 evacuation facilities in total including six towers, and five buildings with fire station, and two sets of outdoor evacuation stairs for existing elementary and junior high schools.

The evacuation tower at Nakano 5-chome is a two-story steel framed structure over six meters above ground, allowing 300 people to evacuate at any given time. All the facilities are scheduled to be completed by the end of FY 2016.


Easy-to-use structures and emergency supplies for evacuees

With the lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake, we are offering various emergency services that include preparing indoor spaces to protect evacuees from cold weather and hypothermia as well as installing slopes for wheelchairs and strollers to provide easy access for the elderly and those with walking disabilities. We have stockpiled electric generators, blankets, water, foodstuffs, portable toilets, etc. with the expectation that evacuees would stay at the evacuation centers for around 24 hours.


Cooperation with the private sector

Sendai City has concluded an “Agreement for use of temporary tsunami evacuation shelters” with the private sector. East Nippon Expressway Company Limited has constructed evacuation stairs at five locations providing access to Sendai Tobu Road.

Bird’s-eye view map of multiple difenses to minimize tsunami damage

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